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"In the common law of England, a "Writ of Outlawry" made the pronouncement Caput lupinum  - "Let his be a wolf's head” - with respect to its subject, equating that person with a wolf in the eyes of the law. The Outlaw was deprived of all legal rights, allowing others to kill him on sight, as if he was such a wild creature."


EL SOLITARIO OUTLAW WHISKY COLLECTION will bottle Whiskies that for any given practicalities or obscure rationale, never saw the light. Although revealing an exceptional taste and ¨garra¨. We seek for those attributes that make a Whisky stand out, oblivious to all dogmas or biases, and have the power to immerse connoisseurs in an introspective voyage into long forgotten memories.

Never forget that EL SOLITARIO is a brand that celebrates outlaw culture and its disruptive ethos. So expect something unconventional to say the least. Following the same protocols we use to execute our motorized creations and paraphernalia, we focus on craftsmanship and authenticity, with severe respect for raw materials and traditional techniques, but always blending with a radical innovative perspective. This shall result in a unique approach to the world of luxury Whisky in todays ubiquitous spectrum.

We understand this comes at a premium tag, however, we know from experience that it is the only way to offer solid quality and real stories. And this is what we pursue till exhaustion.